Frequently asked questions about Maid

SAIJAI opened for service at the beginning of 2021 in both Bangkok and its vicinities and has a project to expand the service to cover all provinces across the country by 2022.

What is the maid service conditions and scope of service?

Maid service provider SAIJAI is an independent service provider, not an employee or employees of the company in any way.

This service covers dusting, sweeping, wiping and cleaning : bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, balcony, interior glass door and window, washing, laundry (wash with machines and drying NOT including ironing)

This service does not cover cleaning in areas that need to climb chairs or ladder, cleaning after construction, repairing, renovating and the place that has not been cleaned for more than 1 month. If you are looking for a cleaning service with the aforementions condition, please contact SAIJAI .

How do I know if the service provider who come to serve is the one that I booked throgh SAIJAI?

In the process of booking confirmation, you will be provided with information about the service provider including a photo, first name and last name, and a contact phone number. If the person serving the service does not match the photo you received, You must refuse them and notify SAIJAI immediately, so SAIJAI will investigate the case.

What should I do if the maid is late or does not show up as appointment?

If the maid arrives late to the job site and is delayed, the maid will work for the full amount of time reserved by the customer. For example, a customer has reserved a maid for 3 hours, starting work at 1:00 PM, but the maid arrives at 13.15. The maid will work until 16.15, complete 3 hours full time booking accordingly. In the event that the maid does not come at all, you must notify SAIJAI immediately. Our customer service team will help you track down the provider or maid. Alternatively, we'll help you find another service provider who can provide the service on the date and time you want, or you may reschedule an appointment at your convenience. If there is no other service provider or you are unable to reschedule the appointment, we will refund all service fees you have paid through SAIJAI's system.

How could I be confident to hire a maid service providers on SAIJAI platform?

SAIJAI collects personal profile information such as copy of Identity Card, telephone numbers, addresses and photographs of all service providers prior to listing on the platform. You can choose a provider who had performed a background check which can easily see this information displayed on their profiles. Reviews or ratings from previous customers would be a source of useful information on how good the provider is. Does the work satisfy to the customers? Please take times to review and research to gain confidence in your own safe. However, SAIJAI cannot 100% guarantee of the service providers' behavior and cannot guarantee against theft. SAIJAI recommends that customers keep all valuables in safe places before service providers enter the permises.

After using the maid service from the SAIJAI, can I review or rate the maid?

Of course! we would love to hear from you. Please share with SAIJAI and rate the maids you use. We really want know if the service meets your expectations and meets our quality standards. Your scores and assessments will be displayed along with that provider's information and work history, which can be a resource to help other customers' decision-making.

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